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Efficient energy utilization is an important part of how we run our business. Practicing responsible energy consumption helps reduce dependency on natural resources and keeps the environment clean for the next generation.

GPC employs energy efficient process technology in our operations. Heat integrated distillation systems, improved feed dryer technology, and the use of high efficiency motors have helped to drive positive changes. Since the early 2000’s, total energy usage, as expressed by Btu per bushel, decreased approximately 8%. A key component in achieving these reductions was the installation of a new energy efficient feed dryer at our Muscatine facility. The $83 million feed dryer was operational in March, 2015. In addition, in July 2015, the GPC Muscatine facility moved from coal to natural gas as its energy source.

GPC has made impressive strides during the past 10 years to improve energy efficiency and we have set aggressive sustainability goals for the future. GPC will continually work to find ways to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiencies at our plant locations.

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