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COATMASTER® Propylated Starches "K Series" Chart


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acid-modified starches
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COATMASTER® propylated starches
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oxidized starches
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unmodified starches


CHARGEMASTER® Cationic Starches

  • Improves retention and drainage
  • Increases strength
  • Increases machine speeds


COATMASTER® Propylated Starches

  • Ultimate for surface applications
  • Produces superior printing papers
  • Improves coating and ink holdout
  • User-friendly propylated starches
CHARGEMASTER® Cationic Starches
  • Unique performance for specialty papers
  • Reduced BOD
Oxidized Starches
  • Proven performance
  • Reduced linting
  • Improved short-fiber bonding
Acid-Modified Starches
  • Improves dry strength
  • Cost-effective
Unmodified Starches
  • Traditional performer
  • Flexible conversion
  • Economical


COATMASTER® Propylated Starches

  • Superior compatibility with synthetic binders
  • User-friendly propylated starches
  • Advanced film former
Unmodified Starches
  • Steady performance
  • Flexible conversion
  • Economical
Oxidized Starches
  • Customized viscosity range
  • Versatile
  • Cost-effective

Calender Stack

COATMASTER® Propylated Starches
Oxidized Starches
Acid-Modified Starches
Unmodified Starches

COATMASTER® Propylated Starches

Sizing – The superior film strength of COATMASTER® propylated starches will assist you in improving the quality of your product. Typically observed are improvements in wax pick, IGT, Scott bond, printing ink holdout and oil and grease resistance. COATMASTER®, either pigmented or by itself, is an ideal base for subsequent coating applications.

Calender Stack – Application of GPC’s COATMASTER® propylated starches will greatly enhance the surface properties of the paper or linerboard. The variety COATMASTER® starches allows for low solids application at the appropriate viscosity. The superior film strength of COATMASTER® gives sharper printing and gluing, and improves fiber lay, smoothness, curl, gloss ink holdout and resistance to grease, oil penetration and scuffing.

Coatings – COATMASTER® propylated starches are perfectly compatible with all coating colors, minerals, additives and latexes. A superior coating color will result with controlled binder migration. The coated paper will exhibit better sheet gloss, print gloss, print density, pick strength and reduced dusting and linting from the superior film-forming properties of COATMASTER® propylated starch.

CHARGEMASTER® Granular Cationic Starches

Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) designed CHARGEMASTER® cationic starches to give you optimum wet-end performance in acid, neutral and alkaline papermaking. GPC’s manufacturing process results in CHARGEMASTER® products that exhibit superior cooking properties, improved clarity and enhanced storage stability.

Sizing - CHARGEMASTER® cationic starches will enhance the sizing of alkaline paper. During paper manufacture, the cationic nature of CHARGEMASTER® will intimately bind the AKD or ASA sizing material to the fibers for an added sizing boost (even with increased filler).

Retention - Retention is enhanced when CHARGEMASTER® cationic starches are used alone or with retention aids.

Strength - CHARGEMASTER® cationic starches provide strength, allowing for higher filler content paper. The resultant savings in furnish cost are dramatic. Recycled fiber can also be incorporated into your furnish mix without loss of strength.

Economics - No need to send valuable furnish materials to a landfill. CHARGEMASTER® cationic starches will optimize the use of fibers, fillers and additives and will maximize fines retention, reduce save-all demands, thus improving the economics of your system.

CHARGEMASTER® Liquid Cationic Starches

Grain Processing Corporation’s CHARGEMASTER® L435, L340 and L360 cationic starch pastes are used as wet-end strength/retention aid additives for papermaking applications. Depending on the system, GPC offers a product that will contain the charge substitution needed to generate maximum performance in terms of retention (machine performance) and strength (sheet quality). They are also broke coagulants used to scavenge anionic interfering substances.

These products are supplied in 275-gallon totes and bulk trucks.


Elevated Charge Substitution Level:

  • Increased retention of fines, sizing chemicals in demanding systems
  • Increased sheet strength properties
  • Reduced dusting and linting
  • Increased sizing, reduced size addition
  • Improved machine performance with reduced white water consistency

Pregelatinized, Ready-to-Use Pasted Product:

  • Eliminate cooking costs (labor, steam)
  • Easy to use, dilute and go
  • Reduced viscosity for ease of handling

CHARGEMASTER® and COATMASTER® are registered trademarks of Grain Processing Corporation.

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