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CONTROL® I-166 Polymer
Grain Processing Corporation’s CONTROL® I-166 polymer is used as a depressant in the phosphate beneficiation process to increase the efficiency of the flotation separation.


  • Corn-based renewable polymers (liquid starch paste)
  • Significant improvement of phosphate recovery in the beneficiation process
  • Ease of use
  • No cooking necessary
  • Long-term stability under varied conditions
  • Addition rates of less than 0.1% are effective

Oil Well Drilling applications

Filtration Control Agents

  • CONTROL® I-99F polymer is a modified non-pregelatinized corn starch
  • CONTROL® I-10F polymer is a corn starch designed for lime-based drilling fluids incurring minimum bottom hole temperatures of 150°F
  • CONTROL® I-166 provides immediate functionality because of its liquid monomolecular dispersion
Shale Control Agents and Thinners
  • CONTROL® I-166 polymer also provides shale control
  • CONTROL® 1920 polymer is a deflocculant. It is a non-dispersive thinner designed for lime-based drilling fluids and can control calcium solubility

CONTROL® is a registered trademark of Grain Processing Corporation.

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