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Let GPC Help With All Your Corrugated Needs…

GPC manufactures products to meet all your corrugating needs. We have a full line of high-performance products from pearl starch to bond enhancers. We here at GPC feel it is our history of superior quality and excellent service that sets us apart from the competition.

B20F is an unmodified starch from native yellow dent corn. It is produced to the most stringent manufacturing specifications resulting in a high-quality, consistent product. B20F is used in all standard pearl formulas in any mixing system. It is available in 50 and 100 pound bags, supersack and bulk shipments.

SUPERBOND® T30F carrier starch is a specially-modified corn starch that develops a high-performance adhesive for a variety of high-performance corrugating bonding applications. SUPERBOND® T30F-based adhesives are ideal for bonding recycled mediums and liners, as well as high-performance linerboard grades. They provide viscosity stability, can be easily prepared in a variety of mixing systems and, in most cases, reduce batch preparation time. Customized adhesive formulations are available, each tailored to individual bonding requirements.

AQUATITE® LFR R106 resin is a low-formaldehyde, modified acetone formaldehyde polymer specially designed to impart water resistance to starch-based corrugating adhesives. It can be used in the production of both MRA, WRA, and WPA corrugated board.

AQUATITE® PLUS R150 resin is a specially formulated polymer designed to impart water resistance to starch-based adhesives as well as increase bond strength.

GOLDEN GRIP L100 adhesive bond enhancer is specially formulated to increase green-bond strength of corrugated board enabling faster production speeds and can improve bonding on difficult substrates as well as multiwall applications.

GPC has a fully staffed technical service department that can help streamline your corrugating processes by conducting plant audits and/or trials. Our sales and service staff are always available to help with any production issue. Some of the services provided include:

  • On-site training for glue production and proper application
  • Starch consumption audits
  • Formula optimization
  • Pin adhesion testing
  • Machine troubleshooting

Please contact GPC for more information.

SUPERBOND®, AQUATITE® and GOLDEN GRIP are registered trademarks of Grain Processing Corporation.

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