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Non-Genetically Modified (Non-GM) Corn Gluten Feed Available from Grain Processing Corporation

GPC has non-GM loose corn gluten feed available in bulk railcars from our Muscatine, Iowa, location. GPC’s corn gluten feed is of high quality – typically running approximately 19% protein – and mixes well into many ration formulations requiring a non-GM source of protein
and fiber.

Grain Processing Corporation has a long-standing history of providing high-quality non-GM products for our customers across the industry. We employ an Identity Preservation (IP) program with rigorous protocols that includes proper documentation from the grower all the way through to the delivering carrier that brings us the corn. This documentation ensures the product has been segregated throughout the growing season and handling process until it reaches our facility. Upon verification of proper documentation, each truck of corn is sampled and tested using Envirologix Quick Comb (ELISA method) to screen for bioengineered genetic material in the corn. If and when the corn meets all the needed requirements, a signed certificate of origin including the producer, location, seed corn brand and hybrid number is generated and the corn is placed into segregated bins at our facility in Muscatine. We process this IP corn separately from regular corn and issue special lot numbers designating the products as Identity Preserved. All finished products, including non-GM Corn Gluten Feed, are then stored separately from regular products prior to shipping to preserve the non-GM identity of the product. We look forward to your inquiries regarding GPC’s non-GM Corn Gluten Feed.

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